Maude Hirst’s mindfulness tips to finding calm


Maude Hirst is an actor, writer, and yoga teacher based in London. As a yoga teacher, Maude focusses her practice on reconnecting breath, body, and balance to promote awareness and well-being.   


Maude believes yoga is not just about the physical postures but in gaining a greater connection to yourself, getting present in your body and finding tools to help you switch off from the stresses of everyday life..



Image credit: Grit Siwonia



Becoming aware of your breath is key to finding your calm. When we are stressed or anxious our breath becomes short and shallow. So, in order to bring yourself back into state of calm and balance you must become aware of how you are breathing. Place your hands on the side of the ribcage and begin to breathe deeply, expanding beneath the hands on every inhale and relaxing on the exhale. Remaining here for 5 to 10 minutes. Fill your space with a refreshing scent by putting a few drops of the Botanics Fresh Mind Pure Essential Oil either into a diffuser or a bowl of hot water and allow the mint to open the airways making breathing deeply easy.



Roll the Botanics Peaceful Night Rollerball onto your wrists and take a deep breath in, enjoying the soothing scent of lavender. Then come into a comfortable seated position, close down your eyes and begin to bring your awareness to your breathing. Mediation is about shifting your focus from the external world into your internal world – so let the calming scent of lavender guide you inward. Focus on the moments between each breath and you will notice your body and mind begin to soften. Do this for 10 minutes and notice the calm you have created.




One of the most soothing things for the body is physical touch. We all love a massage and having lots of time on our hands at the moment what better time to bring some self-care through touch. This is a mindfulness practice you will give to yourself – you will be your own massage therapist. Find a comfortable seat and using the Botanics Mindful Calm Massage Oil, close down your eyes, connect to your breathings and begin to massage your feet. Really tuning in to how it feels both through your hands and through the sensations in your feet. Enjoy this calming practice.

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