Where can I buy Botanics products?

Botanics products are sold in the following regions and retailers:


UK: Boots stores nationwide and online at Boots.com


USA: Selected Walgreens stores and online at Walgreens.com
Selected Target stores

Selected Ulta stores and online at Ulta.com

Are Botanics products 100% natural?

At Botanics, we pride ourselves on sourcing the finest natural extracts. However, in order to ensure the efficacy of our products, we do use some synthetic ingredients but are on the journey to source and use natural alternatives where possible in the future.

Are Botanics products 100% organic?

There are currently two products within the Botanics Organic Range which are 100% Organic, with the ingredients being organically certified. The Botanics Rosewater Toning Spritz 100% Organic purifies and refreshes the skin after cleansing, as it delicately but effectively removes traces of makeup leaving the skin feeling revitalised. Botanics Facial Oil 100% Organic hydrates and locks in moisture for hours. Infused with rosehip oil, which is rich in omegas and essential fatty acids, it leaves skin looking radiant and smooth with a more even tone.

Why aren’t all Botanics products organic?

Botanics is a nature inspired brand and within this we have an Organic offering for customers wanting these products. We believe in the power of plants and use the best quality natural ingredients that we can in order to bring customers a breadth of natural skincare products at an affordable price.

Does Botanics use preservatives in any of its products?

Botanics products are paraben free, however we do use preservatives in our products when absolutely necessary for the safety of the product. These preservatives ensure that shelf life is prolonged, guaranteeing the quality that our customers expect, for longer.

Do any Botanics products contain parabens?

No, Botanic products are formulated without parabens.

Do Botanics products contain palm oil? If so where is it sourced from?

At Botanics we are proud of our standards of responsible sourcing. Palm Oil used in the manufacture of any Botanics products must be from a source that has been Certified by the Round Table for Responsible Sourcing of Palm Oil (RSPO), an internationally recognised certification body.

Where does Botanics source it’s ingredients from?

Botanics has had a long standing partnership with Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew and have worked with leading scientists to search the world for the most powerful, effective and intense plant extracts while ensuring they are not only of the highest quality, but they are also sustainably maintained in the environment. Hand selected, the plant extracts contained within Botanics are of the highest quality and efficacy, so you know you’ve made a safe and credible choice.

Are Botanics products safe to use in pregnancy?

All Botanics products have been tested and assessed to ensure that they are safe for their intended use, however we have not carried out any testing on pregnant women. If you have any specific questions we would recommend that you speak to your midwife or GP.

Are Botanics products suitable for sensitive skin?

Unfortunately there are no guarantees that products within our range will be suitable for everyone, however the Botanics Hydration Burst range has been formulated to help soothe dehydrated and sensitive skin. Due to the active nature of the products within our All Bright range, and our Shine Away Invigorating Face Scrub, we would advise customers with sensitive skin to use these with caution.

Are Botanics products suitable for people with nut allergies?

Some Botanics products may contain Almond Oil, however this will be clearly marked on the packaging. As allergies vary from person to person we recommend that customers speak to their GP first if they have any concerns.

Are Botanics products vegan?

Some Botanics products may contain Beeswax, however this will be clearly marked on the packaging.