How to get that golden hour glow




Trying to achieve that natural glow this summer? If you’re looking for some simple tips to get more radiant looking skin, we have a few changes you can make to your daily routine to unlock a summer time glow from the inside-out, naturally.


Glow mask

Unearth our new cruelty-free and vegan All Bright Glow Mask, the perfect product to help rejuvenate your skin, and get a natural summer glow. Our Glow Mask is infused with Hibiscus, which is rich in naturally occurring  AHA’s (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) and exfoliating flower acids found around the Hibiscus seed-pods. These help to gently exfoliate & refine the surface of the skin. It also contains vitamin C, which works with the AHA’s to brighten skin and improve its texture and tone. 


Lightly fragrance with our uplifting blend containing notes of bergamot and yellow freesia, take a mindful mask moment for yourself, and apply a thin layer onto your skin, leave it for ten minutes, and wash off with warm water two to three times weekly. To see the benefits even more, try using our Rose Quartz Facial Roller to smooth the mask across your face. With 89% of users saying that it left their skin looking brighter, and its 100% recyclable packaging, it’s kind to your skin and the plant.



H2O is essential for maintaining healthy skin, as well as a healthy body and mind. If you do not consume enough water, skin can appear dull, tired and can leave pores looking more prominent. Frequent and sufficient water consumption has an abundance of benefits for your skin, including flushing out toxins from your body, helping to calm angry skin, improving its elasticity and making it appear more radiant. If you find yourself forgetting to hydrate frequently, try purchasing a bottle with litre measurements listed down the side to help you keep track of your daily water intake.


Gua sha


Rooted within ancient Chinese medicine, gua sha has exploded on social media. This can be attributed to the modern consumer’s desire to engage in more natural skincare remedies, turning away from cosmetic surgery and quick fixes, and towards products that offer more long lasting effects. The modern gua sha is usually made of jade or rose quartz, the perfect companion for applying facial oils. Use of this tool is said to stimulate collagen growth, blood flow, and release bad energy. Due to the promotion of collagen that this technique can achieve, it can lead to tighter and brighter looking skin. Discover our 100% Rose Quartz Gua Sha at Boots today.


Bi-Phase Facial Oil


Like our Glow Mask, our Bi-Phase Facial Oil contains those natural AHA’s to boost your skins natural glow along with vitamin C. Our facial oil is lightweight and smoothes on easily across your skin, evening out your skins complexion and revitalising it, revealing that summer time glow you’ve been hoping for. Try applying some of the oil to your face and neck before using your Gua Sha to give your skin even more of a boost.


Sun Light and SPF


The sun has amazing benefits for your skin, and can significantly boost your mood. If you’re planning on taking advantage of the summer sun, be sure to always wear SPF that will give your skin the proper protection it needs. Try adding our All Bright Hydrating Day Cream into your morning skin care routine, as it contains added UV protection and SPF 15. 


A more plant based diet


Diet has a huge impact on our skin, and is as important as drinking enough water. Processed foods, salt, sugar and even dairy are all thought to have a connection to an increase in blemishes. If you do suffer from spot-prone skin, consider adopting a more plant-based diet. Due to it’s bountiful variety of  fruits and vegetables, rich in vitamins and antioxidants, adopting a plant based diet has shown a reduction in spots, an increase in brighter skin and eyes, and shinier hair. Try eating plant based meals a few times a week, and see how it effects your skin.


Why not incorporate some of these tips into your daily skin care routine, and consider glowing up naturally. Be sure to let us know how your get your summer time glow, using the hashtag #letsglowtogether.



How to get that golden hour glow
How to get that golden hour glow