Botanics commitments


Born in the heart of England in 1995 by heritage apothecary Boots, Botanics was created with the pioneering vision of creating natural, plant-powered products that don’t cost the Earth. And to protect the earth as we do it. Plants power everything we do. We challenge perceptions of what’s possible, unearthing the most powerful extracts to create natural solutions that really work; to enhance your skin and your wellbeing. All without compromise, to pursue a better tomorrow. Here at Botanics, we believe in “Clean Clear Beauty” and are committed to being fully transparent about our products and business practises.


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Our Formulations


CRUELTY-FREE: We are 100% cruelty-free and against animal testing. All of our skincare and beauty products have been approved under the Cruelty Free International ‘Leaping Bunny’ programme. It is the only internationally recognised cruelty-free license that requires a supplier monitoring system to be implemented by the brand.


VEGETARIAN: All of our products are suitable for vegetarians*. Five of our products contain organic beeswax and are therefore not suitable for vegans**. These products are some of our most loved that have been around for decades. Our ambition is for all products to be suitable for vegans by 2023. All new product launches from 2018 are suitable for vegans .


ORGANIC BEAUTY: As pioneers of organic beauty, our Organic franchise uses a minimum of 80% organic ingredients (following the ISO 16128 standard). The remaining content of non-organic ingredients are used to keep our products the way you love them.


CLEAN CLEAR BEAUTY: Our stringent standards mean that our products are formulated without parabens, phthalates, SLS, mineral oils, petroleum, paraffins, DEA, TEA and formaldehyde donors. Our requirements go above and beyond standard legislative requirements, please contact us for a copy of our formulation guidelines. *No animal by-products/animal derived ingredients from animal slaughter ** No animal derived ingredients or by-products.



Ethical Sourcing and Sustainability


We seek to conduct our business activities in a way that reduces our direct and indirect impacts on the environment whilst promoting practises that help to protect the planet and support sustainability. We are constantly working to improve our impact on the environment.


Waste reduction and climate action are of utmost importance to us and wherever possible, we endeavour to reduce our carbon footprint and our impact on the environment with everything we do. We also hold our suppliers and partners to account for our own environmental standards.


Our Packaging


We already include 25% post-consumer recycled material (PCR) in our plastic packaging and we are working tirelessly to improve this. Our Peaceful Night Pillow Mist bottle is made of 100% PCR with no virgin plastic. We do not use any carbon black ink to colour our plastic packaging, as this cannot be detected in the recycling process. All of our paper and wood is 100% responsibly sourced as certified by Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). 74% of our product portfolio is already widely recycled*. 100% recyclable / reusable packaging is a mandatory for all new products. We have already switched our Simply Calm and Revive and Protect moisturisers from plastic to glass jars. We have also discontinued our face wipes in order to remove single use, non-recyclable items from our range.




100% recyclable/reusable packaging by 2025 We are happy to report that we are making progress to achieve this earlier. Recyclability Transparency We are in the process of updating our online platforms to ensure full transparency on recyclability by product. For queries in the meantime, please contact us. Plastic Alternatives We will continue to identify alternative packaging solutions for our products including glass, wood, aluminium and fabric. Increase PCR content Where plastic is the best packaging solution for our products, we will ensure a minimum of 50% PCR content. Reusable formats We will continue to launch products that reduce waste including packaging with secondary use and ban single-use products. 




We’ve always believed in the power of plants to unearth better for our skin, now we want to show how they can help us unearth better wellbeing too.


WHAT IS ECOTHERAPY?  Also known as “nature bathing”, ecotherapy is the name given to a wide range of treatment programmes which aim to improve your mental and physical wellbeing through doing outdoor activities in nature (Mind, 2015). Nature-based activities, such as gardening and farming, have been used as part of mental health treatments around the world for centuries.


WHY ECOTHERAPY?  Today’s busy lives can have a significant impact on our mental and physical wellbeing. However spending time in nature is proven to have positive benefits on wellbeing. Nature has wonderfulhealth-promoting properties: reducing the stress hormone cortisol, heart rate, depression, anxiety and frustration A study found exposure to trees, the sky and birdsong in cities improved mental wellbeing. The benefits were still evident several hours after the exposure (Mintel, Come and Learn Happiness2019).


WHAT’S NEXT?  LET’S GROW TOGETHER  We will be creating more content to educate people on the benefits of ecotherapy and inspire everyone to get outdoors in nature. This is still an under-researched area therefore we will work with our partners to generate more insights and awareness to ensure more than 1m people benefit from the holistic health benefits of ecotherapy in the next year.