Dehydrated & Sensitive Skin


Clary Sage has an in-built defence mechanism which, when triggered in hot, arid conditions self-activates in order to store water. This means that it’s able to keep itself hydrated in dry conditions. Rich in flavonoids (anti-oxidants), our Clary Sage extracts are sustainably sourced from the leaves of the Salvia Sclarea species found in Southern Europe.


Hydration Burst Day Lotion SPF15

Clary Sage comforts and soothes dehydrated skin from first use
50ml | £1.80 per 10 ml

Hydration Burst Hydrating Day Cream

A super hydrating day cream to leave dry skin feeling soft
50ml | £1.80 per 10 ml

Men Organic Moisturiser 100ml

Leaves skin feeling intensely hydrated

Men Sensitive Moisturiser 100ml

Naturally calming skincare for sensitive skin