First Signs of Ageing


Ginkgo leaves and seeds have been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine since 2800 BC. Revered today for it’s anti-oxidant benefits and protection against environmental damage. Our extracts are harvested from the leaves of the Ginkgo plant found in Eastern China.

Radiant Youth Protecting Day Cream SPF 15

A radiance-boosting day cream with anti-oxidants and added SPF
50ml | £2.00 per 10 ml

Radiant Youth Replenishing Night Cream

An intensively moisturising night cream to keep skin looking younger
50ml | £2.00 per 10 ml

Radiant Youth Hydrating Eye Cream

This nourishing eye cream help reduce the appearance of fine lines
15ml | £7.99 per 10 ml

Radiant Youth Refining Microdermabrasion Polish

A skin-polishing formula that sloughs dead cells away for brightness
120ml | £8.33 per 100 ml