Serums & Oils

Botanics Serums & Oils are here to give your skin the nourishment it deserves. Our facial oils and serums will replenish and revitalise your skin.

All Bright Radiance Concentrate Serum

This radiance-boosting serum will give you brighter-looking skin
25ml | £3.60 per 10 ml

All Bright Bi-Phase Facial Oil 25ml

Reveal brighter looking skin

100% Organic Nourishing Facial Oil

A non-greasy, nourishing facial oil that locks in moisture
25ml | £4.60 per 10 ml

100% Organic Restoring Overnight Facial Oil 25ml

Helps restore & nourish skin while you sleep.
| £2.87 per 100 ml

Simply Calm Hydrating Serum with Cannabis Sativa Hemp Seed Oil 30ml

Discover the power of cannabis sativa hemp seed oil to calm your skin