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Enhance your mental-wellbeing with the power of plants and ecotherapy #LetsGrowTogether


At Botanics, we’ve always believed in the power of plants and ecotherapy to enhance our holistic wellbeing, and if the past year has taught us anything, it’s that spending time outside is a natural, yet effective way to increase your mood. We inspire everyone to get outdoors and to get green-fingered at home so we can all have a better tomorrow, and practise ecotherapy for a natural way to boost your mood.


What is ecotherapy? 


Also known as “nature bathing” ecotherapy is all about spending time connecting with the outdoors and immersing yourself nature, in order to improve your mental-wellbeing. We understand that our experiences of nature will vary, so whether you visit your local park or sunny seafront, unwind to your favourite rainforest playlist, or are a blossoming plant parent, any way that you slow down and engage with nature is a form of ecotherapy. Here are a few of our favourite ways to practise ecotherapy. 




With gyms being closed for most of the year, we’re sure that some of you have already experienced the abundance of benefits that exercising outdoors can have for your mental and physical health. Physically speaking, exercising outdoors is like working out in a natural obstacle course. With hills to climb, stones to cross, streams to leap, and so many trails to tread, working out in nature can be a completely new experience each time you step out of the front door. 


Horticultural activities 


Getting involved in gardening clubs, sewing some seeds on your balcony or in your back garden, or becoming a ‘plant parent’ are all great ways to feel closer to nature. Gardening can be a fantastic tool for bettering our health and wellbeing, particularly when done within a community. It can decrease feelings of isolation and loneliness, give us a sense of achievement through seeing the fruits of our labour, strengthen our muscles and generally increase our feelings of peace and happiness.


Outdoor audio


If accessing green spaces is not as easy for you, try listening to audio of nature to help you unwind and feel closer to the outdoors. With platforms like Spotify and YouTube offering a huge range of outdoor sounds, there’s something to help everyone relax. From thunderstorms to tropical birds, taking half an hour to sit back and allow yourself to listen, reflect and be mindful in that moment, can be a great way to feel connected to nature if you don’t have time to be outside physically. Follow our ‘Sleep Sounds’ playlist over on Spotify for the sounds that help us drift off to sleep.


Click here to go to the playlist >. 



Ecotherapy quotes


Adding in a new way to practice self care can be difficult, and it can be easy to loose motivation, so here are a few of our favourite ecotherapy quotes to motivate you to unearth better and keep spending time in nature: 


“In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks”. 
-    John Muir


“Real freedom lies in wilderness, not in civilisation”. 
-    Charles Lindbergh 


“Time spent amongst trees is never wasted time” 
-    Katrina Mayer


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